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Marine Marketing and Consulting (MMC) is a full service consulting business for the diving and marine-related industries. Since 1989, MMC has worked with both the sport and commercial diving industries to find solutions for a variety of business challenges. Steven M. Barsky is the power behind this dynamic organization.

In the commercial diving field, Steve has produced manuals for most of the diving helmets and masks sold by Kirby Morgan. He attended the two year commercial diving program at Santa Barbara City College at the same time he completed his Master's degree at the University of California at Santa Barbara. Steve has worked as a commercial diving expert witness in legal cases in Federal Admiralty Court. His commercial diving experience includes saturation dives to 580 feet.

On the sport diving side, Steve has been involved in diving instruction since 1968 and became certified as a sport diving instructor in 1970. He has unparalleled experience working with manufacturers, resorts, training agencies, retailers, and non-profits like DAN and DEMA. He has been an instructor with PADI, NAUI, and SDI. He has also written textbooks for NAUI, SSI, SDI, and Dive Rescue International.

An accomplished instructor and public speaker, Steve has presented diving seminars in the U.S., Canada, Holland, France, and Japan. He has lectured to the Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society, the Canadian Navy, the French Navy, and numerous other groups including lifeguards and law enforcement agencies.

As a diving accident investigator, he has investigated more than 80 scuba diving accidents for insurance companies like General Star Management and AIG. He has also testified as an expert witness in scuba diving accident cases and trained U.S. Coast Guard diving accident investigators in a two day training course held at the USCG base in San Diego.

Whether you need a diving expert in an accident case, a marketing plan, a product promoted, or a manual created, Steve and his team can help you find the solution that’s right for your company. Contact us and we’ll be happy to provide you with a quote on your next project.

Steven M. Barsky is a professional underwater cameraman and noted author.

Steven M. Barsky works as an expert witness in scuba and commercial diving.
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Steve Barsky filming underwater at Catalina Island in July of 2012 with Ocean Technology Systems..